About FtI

The company name reflects the three main principles that guide the activities of Floortech International or FtI-Innovation

Wherever you are…

Not only Western European and Asian countries, but also specialists from the most diverse countries, who bring the company their professional skills and valuable experience in various knowledge areas, are united here to work on joint projects. The result is the formation of a dynamic team whose extensive knowledge is available for your use when you become our client.

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Our administration building is located in Switzerland, which ensures a high level of business activity, while our engineering office is located in Moscow, which in recent years has been an “artery” of the construction boom.

Whatever you want…

Starting with the first floor inspection and ending with the painter’s finishing touches, whether it’s residential or industrial construction, we have the specialists for you in any field.

Wherever you go…

Since it was founded in 2000, the company’s sphere and scope of activities, as well as its structure, have developed significantly. The company has always tried to adapt to changing conditions on the building services market and to clients’ needs. To accumulate, expand, and apply knowledge – these are FtI’s goals. We have nearly 1000 employees (including in subsidiaries) who use the most up-to-date technologies to pave the way for the project you want.

FtI actively supports you on the way to your individual construction project.

Information on our company is contained in the Swiss trade register accessible on the Internet at: www.handelsregister.ch

FTI - Floortech International GmbH

Floortech International GmbH
Business-Center "Rumjanzewo"
entrance 3, floor 8, office 812a
142 784 Moscow Region (PO Box 91)
Leninski Rayon, Rumyantsevo

Tel  +7 495 980 63 22 - Fax +7 495 980 63 29
Email info@fti-innovation.com