Interior finishing

Good on the inside means good on the outside

A good foundation must be brought to perfection with proper polishing! FtI’s main emphasis is on interior finishing and can offer you a wide selection of floor coverings and wall and ceiling facings. We’re ready to offer you a wide variety of suggestions and possibilities and help you implement your projects by giving your ideas a concrete, economically optimum form.

Are you planning a large project and feeling uncertain about how to structure it?

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Our experience with large projects helps us maintain a vision of integrated building companies while not losing sight of even minor details.

Would you like to discuss your project with us in person or outline a specific picture of construction plans and materials?

We would be glad to arrange a suitable date and meet you in our office.

Visit our our office in Moscow, send us an email or send us a message via the Message Form.

FTI - Floortech International GmbH

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