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Is everything under control?

Check our ISO-Certificates  hereThe management of the company works in conformance with the international standard. 2008 FTI was rewarded with the ISO-certificat.

At Floortech International we wouldn’t want to take a chance and send rough data. In order to guarantee perfect floor quality, a lot of factors have to agree and the highest possible accuracy is required. The following measures are taken to check whether the floor quality is up to standards both before and during construction:

  1. Humidity measurements with a CM device before laying any floor covering (flagstones, glazed tile, carpets, plastic coatings, wooden floors)
  2. Strength test with a Dyna sensor before laying parquet and epoxy coatings, as well as solid concrete coverings.
  3. Strength test of the surface and ultimate strength under Shmidt hammer compression to test concrete and seamless floors
  4. Cone measurements to determine the laying and shrinkage weight of fresh concrete before laying it.
  5. Check of surface evenness after laying a concrete floor according the DIN 18202 standard.


CM measuring instrument for changing humidity of composition and concrete floors Slotting openings in concrete and seamless floors Crushing soil samples Measuring moisture Start loading Photogallery

Humidity measurement of seamless and concrete floors

Filling in form Compaction Leveling form Meauring load weight Start loading Photogallery

Cone measurement or laying weight

Schmidt hammer test Schmidt hammer test Start loading Photogallery

Shmidt hammer test

We also provide regular laboratory testing of floor samples on weekdays.

In difficult cases or to guarantee higher quality, we hire the technical control service of TŰV Rhineland Service GmbH as the expert.

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