Example projects

From client to client

Are you easily convinced by the opinion and experience of other clients? Here you’ll find several testimonials on cooperation with FtI and a gallery of specially selected projects.

Current projects

Shattdecor – Order: Industrial floors, seamless floor, interior finishing, floor coverings, final cleanup

Omsk hockey arena – Order: Updating and compacting

Sheraton Hotel - Order: Various plumbing jobs at front desks, in restaurants, and stores

List of examples of interior finishing go to list of examples of industrial floors

Object Location Area m² Working Area
Airline Aeroflot Moscow, RF 700 Wood Block Floor/Underconstruction
Bank Donskaya Moscow, RF 10000 Carpet Tile
    2500 False Floor
Bank Sovomortrans Moscow, RF 8000 Carpet
    2000 PVC Tile
Berlin Bank Moscow, RF 12000 Carpet
    15000 PVC Tile
BV Grand Hotel Marriott Bucharest, Rumania 34000 Carpet
    3000 Linoleum
    2000 Parquet Floor
    15000 Plasterboard
BV Kadashevskaya Moscow, RF 15000 Carpet
    3000 Linoleum
ClubZarechiye Moscow, RF 800 Carpet
    200 PVC Tile
Holiday Resort, Moscow, Uneximbank Moscow, RF 20000 Carpet
    100 Furnishing
    2000 Rubber Floor
    3000 Wood Block Floor
Ilbau, Main Office Moscow, RF 2000 Carpet
Mainoffice Ordynka Moscow, RF 3000 Underconstruction/False Floor
    3000 Wood Block Floor
Mercedes-Benz Main Building Moscow, RF 3500 Carpet
    1000 Rubber Floor
Millennium Tower Vienna, Austria 15000 Carpet
Monetary Exchange Moscow, RF 11000 Carpet Tile
    3000 False Floor
    2000 PVC Tile
    500 Wood Block Floor
Oncological Centre for Children Minsk, Belarus 5000 PVC Tile
Residential House Lesnaja Moscow, RF 7000 Carpet
    3000 False Floor
    2000 Linoleum
    10000 Plasterboard
    15000 Wood Block Floor
Residential Quarter Yablochny Sad Moscow, RF 5000 Carpet
    2000 Rubber Floor
    4000 Solid Wood Plank
    700 Tenniscourt Floor
    500 Wooden-/Aluminium Windows
Satllite Station Moscow, RF 3500 Carpet
Shopping Centre TSUM Moscow, RF 3000 Carpet
    10000 Laminat
    3500 PVC Tile
Strabag, Main Office Vienna, Austria 17000 Carpet/Tile
Toko Bank Moscow, RF 10000 Carpet
    100 False Floor
    3000 PVC Tile
Trans-Neft Moscow, RF 5000 Carpet
    2000 Wood Block Floor
Unicom-Bank Moscow, RF 10000 Carpet
    500 False Floor
    2000 Linoleum

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